4.0 Ultimate Power Gas - 500 ml (Nuprol)

4.0 Ultimate Power Gas - 500 ml (Nuprol)

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Nuprol 4.0 Ultimate Power Gas is the ultimate high pressure gas, designed to make your gas Airsoft RIF more consistent between every shot and work far better in colder conditions. Nuprol 4.0 gives an increase in FPS, GBB efficiency and a harder kick. The highest pressure gas on the market.

You will also achieve an increase in FPS but you must let the gas settle in your magazine first!

With Nuprol 4.0 you can expect to see more consistent FPS between each shot but also end up with a higher FPS reading at the end of your magazine once you are out of BBs. Nuprol 4.0 is the ultimate high pressure gas

ATTENTION! it is reccomended that you do not use  Nuprol 4.0 with replicas made of plastic (plastic slides) - it can damage or break them. 


- designed for use in carbines/rifles replicas
- extreme power and pressure
- high performance
- increase FPS
- works in low temperatures
CFC free
- Protective cover over metal nozzle

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